How to Configure Yet Another Related Posts WordPress Plugin

Undoubtedly Yet another related posts plugin is great for any WordPress blog for more page views and helps your build more internal links. But unfortunately improper configuration of yet another related posts plugin which consumes lot of server memory resources.

We have experienced the same issue in earlier days with yet another related posts plugin and getting plenty of warning mails from our dedicated server.

When we analyse this issue, we found that yet another related posts plugin which consumes more server resources than any other WordPress plugin. After setting up yet another related posts plugin as described below, usage of server resources are dropped drastically.

Here is the video which illustrates the recommended settings of yet another related posts plugin to reduce the memory usages of your server.

  • Disallow the related posts either based categories or tags is much recommended to reduce the memory usage. (Warning : Disallow the related posts by enabling the check box for both category is tags will deliver less related posts than you expected.)
  • As we said earlier, if your blog which have regular content updates like 200-300 posts/day, then enable the checkbox “Show only posts from the past” and select as 1 month.
  • Under relatedness options, enter match threshold 5 or above. (The higher the match threshold, more restrictive related posts.)
  • Enable ‘Consider radio buttons’ only for categories and title to deliver related posts. (If you are not getting enough related posts, then consider to enable bodies radio button.
  • Keep disable cross relate posts and pages.

The above suggestions are certainly helpful to reduce the load of your server while using yet another related posts plugin.

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