How to Setup Browser Specific WordPress Themes to Your Blog Visitors

Due to emerging of web technologies, browsers are updated periodically to adopt modern trends. Designing websites compatible with all modern browsers such as Internet explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari is really challenging task for any developer.

Setup Browser Specific WordPress Theme

Setup Browser Specific WordPress Theme

Build a feature rich website with modern technologies and run them smoothly on most browsers such as Internet explorer 6 & 7 is unimaginable for webmasters including me.

One fine day when i searching the internet in this regard, i found a WordPress plugin which helps me to setup browser specific WordPress themes to deliver great experience to my website visitors.

Theme By Browser is powerful premium WordPress which is capable to deliver different WordPress themes based on user specific browsers. With this plugin WordPress blog admins (of course self hosted) can choose which browser needs to show appropriate WordPress theme for their blogs frontend.

Theme By Browser plugin even detects mobile browsers including android, Palm Blackberry and supports up to 20 various browsers. Here is demo video about how to install and setup theme by browser plugin to your WordPress powered website for better experience.

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